Year 2 Class Representative

SMSS Position: Year 2 Class Representative

Appointed or Elected: Elected

Main responsibilities/description (filled out by (Joanna Banaszek, Payton Pederson) (2015-2016): Maximum 200 words

The class representatives work together and with their classmates to sort out issues, concerns, and questions that the class may be having. They are the liaisons between the class and the course directors and the UGME. They must remain up to date on upcoming important dates and course details so they can update their peers, as necessary. The class reps represent their class’ opinions. We send out two class emails per week. These emails are a compilation of emails and announcements that are sent to us to be forwarded to the class.  We also make sure lecture notes and speakers are present for each lecture.

3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1.  Up to date on happenings in the class, CoM, and SMSS. 1. To represent all 100 opinions/voices of your classmates.
2. Sending out class emails is fun. 2. Meetings can be boring, but there aren’t too many.
3. You gain experience taking concerns from your classmates and forming it into professional and constructive feedback for the college. 3. You receive a lot more emails which can be difficult to manage.

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Joanna Banaszek 2015-2016
Payton Pederson 2015-2016