Year 1 Class Representative

SMSS Position: Year 1 Class Representative

Appointed or Elected: Elected (2 positions)

Main responsibilities/description (filled out by (Steve, 2015)): The Class representatives are the main contacts for anyone, either within or outside the college, who wishes to contact your class. This may be for anything from extra curricular activies to updated assignment information. As such, you are responsible for condensing these requests/invitations down and notifying your classmates of these events whenever required. You will also be the contact for students to turn to when they have questions or concerns about anything school related. This often means emailing if there is confusion regarding assignments, knowing who students need to contact for various needs, and just about anything in-between.

You truly are a representative for your classmates, and as such must advocate for them personally and academically. This includes advocation on behalf of the entire class, as well as for individuals in various different circumstances.

Taking the lead in organizing charity date night auction and winter formal is also your responsibility, and these are 2 great events that everyone looks forward to all year long!

Finally, in many respects you are a problem solver and a leader. When something goes wrong, you are often the person students and the college will turn to and ask for help.

3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1. Get to know classmates 1. Many emails – Organizing and sending condensed emails is a time commitment
2. Get to know the UGME and COM staff/admin 2. Planning Christmas formal and charity date night auction is a large time commitment
3. Help solve issues the class is facing, to make everyone’s school experience better 3. Many different meetings to sit in on, also a large time comittment

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Jeffrey Elder 2016-2017
Ashley Tshala 2016-2017