VP Internal

SMSS Position: SMSS VP Internal – two positions, Senior and Junior

Appointed or Elected: Jr. elected in fall elections, Sr. assumed by previous Jr..


Main responsibilities (updated by Isabel Hedayat/Trevor Poole, 2018)

Senior: Main responsibilities specific to this position include overseeing SMSS communications (e.g., posting on Twitter and the SMSS website communications page), acting as elections officer (SMSS Fall, Spring, and Class Rep Elections), and acting as Chair of the Internal Division (planning meetings and overseeing activities of this division). As part of the SMSS Executive, I also assist the President and other Executive members as needed and act as an advocate and voice on student issues. The VP Internal attends large number of meetings – CPSS, FAC, SMSS Council, meetings with the Dean and other faculty/staff, SMSS Executive, SMSS Funding Committee, SMSS Internal Division, and the many other meetings that arise as needed.

3 Benefits of the Position 3 Challenges of the position
1.  Opportunity to improve the student experience through event and initiative planning, and through advocating on important issues 1. Outcomes are positive and worthwhile, but the work to get there isn’t always gratifying – e.g., answering tons of emails and reading policy documents
2.  Opportunity to develop and refine skills and areas of knowledge 2. A lot of time is dedicated to meeting over lunch hour or just before/after class. This leaves less time for free time or student group/other extracurricular activities
3.  Great for making connections with faculty, staff, and other students 3.  Patience. Because continuous work on important issues is just as important as passion

Junior: The implementation of a VP Internal Jr. was voted on and accepted by SMSS Council 2015-2016. The purpose of this position is to:

  • Assist in maintaining the function of the SMSS internal division
  • Assist the VP communications with communications internal to the SMSS (exec, council and student body) as well as communication between the students and the faculty and staff of UGME
    • We recognize as the SMSS that improved communication is essential to effective and efficient function. Therefore having the SMSS VP Communications and the VP Internal Jr controlling ongoing communication will be beneficial
    • Communication through the SMSS website, Twitter, and Facebook for coordination of class emails, responding to submitted inquiries, etc.
    • Working with the UGME admin in coordinating SMSS events
  • To provide continuity of the SMSS executive – as this is a 2-year executive position

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Trevor Poole smss.vpinternal@gmail.com 2017/2019