VP Internal Jr - New position

SMSS Position: VP Internal Jr

Main Responsibilities: Filled  out by Larissa Padayachee (SMSS President 2015-2016)

The implementation of a VP Internal Jr. was voted on and accepted by SMSS Council 2015-2016. The purpose of this position is to:

  • Assist in maintaining the function of the SMSS internal division (currently the largest division of the SMSS)
    • Please see SMSS VP Internal Sr. description
    • This will be your mail role as VP Internal Jr
  • Assist the VP communications with internal communications within the SMSS (exec, council and student body) as well as communication between the students and the faculty and staff of UGME
    • We recognize as an SMSS that communication (improved communication) is essential to effective and efficient functioning of the SMSS. Therefore having the SMSS VP Communications and the VP Internal Jr contributing to ongoing communication will be beneficial
    • Communication through the SMSS website, twitter, facebook assisting in the coordination of class emails, responding to submitted inquiries etc.
    • Other duties include working with the UGME admin in coordinating SMSS events
    • Speciifc duties will unfold and be determined as the role evolves
  • To provide continuity of the SMSS executive – as this is a 2 year executive position