VP Finance

SMSS Position: VP Finance

Appointed or Elected:  Elected.


Main responsibilities/description (filled out by Alyssa Antaya, Treasurer 2015-2016)

The SMSS treasurer role allows you to contribute to the student body in both an organizational and student representation manner. As the treasurer you sit on the executive, which means you are a part of every meeting that the executive goes to and gives you great power to enact change and be a voice for your colleagues in the higher levels of the College. As the treasurer you also keep track of all finances for the SMSS, which involves taking in funding requests, making a record of them, and getting money back to the student in a timely manner.

3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1. Friendship. I made a lot of great and motivated friends on the exec and on the council. 1. Time commitment. Treasurer is not the simple job it sounds like, especially if you plan to enact any changes to the existing system (which you should want to).
2. Networking within the College- both students and faculty. 2. No one understands how forms work. A majority of the forms you will receive will be filled out wrong. You will spend a lot of time telling people where the right forms are, or that they are missing documentation.


3. Representing your student colleagues and working to effect change in the College. 3. No one understands how budgets work and students will get sassy if you cannot find them extra money for projects even though you cannot change the budget except for every August.


Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Alyssa Antaya Aaa021@mail.usask.ca 2015-2016
Matt Butz   2014-2015
Neil Arnstead   2013-2014