VP External

SMSS Position: VP External

Appointed or Elected: Elected (2-year position)

Main responsibilities (completed by Bonnie Liu and Odell Tan, 2016/2017)

In addition to responsibilities as an SMSS exec member, VP External is responsible for chairing monthly external division meetings (Sr position) and taking minutes (Jr position). The Jr and Sr VPs coordinate and support the efforts of the different external subcommittees, and bring questions/concerns from members of the external division to executive meetings.

The External VPs are the U of S CFMS reps and are expected to attend the CFMS AGM (in September) and SGM (in April), as well as teleconferences between the CFMS reps of medical schools from across the country (both the CFMS in general and the Western CFMS reps teleconferences). As part of their roles as CFMS reps, VP External Jr also acts as “Blood Champion” for Canadian Blood Services by organizing blood drives and bone marrow registries.

The External VPs also deal with all groups external to the college by liaising with the U of S Alumni Association, SMA, various banks, and other groups that want face time with medical students. The Alumni Association has monthly board meetings that both the Jr and Sr attend and they help plan the alumni donor thank-you luncheon. The Sr also sits on the SMA Board of Directors and attends their monthly meetings as the student representative. Otherwise, it is ultimately up to the VPs to decide what projects they would like to individually take on.


3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1. As a member of the executive, you are able to get a really good idea of what is going on in the school. You’re in a leadership position that allows you to have a say in a lot of what happens at the student level. 1. Student engagement is always a challenge. You really need to be persistent if you want turnout for events such as the blood drive, and sometimes just give in to the fact that people aren’t always going to participate like you would like them to.
2. You get to travel to different cities for the SGM and AGM. Pretty cool! 2. Since you are a member of the executive, there are a lot of meetings to go to and they can take quite a bit of time, meaning less time for extracurricular activities or studying.
3. You interact with, and work alongside, a lot of the administrative staff at the College which helps you to feel more comfortable/welcome within the College both as a student and as a future colleague. 3. Some of the meetings you go to may not concern anything you’re particularly interested in or knowledgeable about, but you’re still expected to be an active participant in order to best represent the interests of the entire student body.

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Odell Tan l.odell.tan@usask.ca 2016-2018
Bonnie Liu Bonnie.liu@usask.ca 2015-2017