Appointed or Elected:  Elected (via USSU)

Main responsibilities/description (filled out by (Jaylynn Arcand) (2014-2015, 2015-2016): Maximum 200 words

3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1.  You become connected to students from other colleges, many of which share the same interests in politics/government that this position generally requires. 1. It requires weekly meetings (always Thursdays at 6pm), and optional additional meetings.
2. Opportunity to be on the University Council as well (one of the three governing bodies of the University) 2.  SMSS meetings are almost always on Thursday (more monthly), so those days you need to rush from one meeting to the other.
3. Pass motions that actually influence student life on campus, academically and socially. 3.  You need to build a basic understanding of the Roberts Rules of Order (mostly learned on the fly – not required for position)

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Jaylynn Arcand 2014-2015