Transgender Day of Visibility

Did you know it is Transgender Day of Visibility?  Until the internet informed me, I didn’t.  I’d like to share with you some powerful words I came across today, that I’ll keep with me for awhile yet, for when I feel a weakening of my bravery, my resolve, to be an ally and an advocate:

When a friend of mine tried to explain to her son why she tried not to share his gender story too often on the internet, in case someday he may not want it to be out there, in case someday people might hold his gender creativity against him; his reply resounded with wisdom beyond his years:

“Exactly.  That there are people who bully gender creative people is not the reason to hide, Mom.  It’s the reason to speak up”

Thank you, Anthony, for reminding us that we all have the power to break stigma.