Teddy Bear Clinic – Volunteers Needed!

On the morning of Jan. 28 FMC will be holding our annual Teddy Bear Clinic at St. Michael’s school in Saskatoon and we’ll need volunteers to help make this event a success. What is a Teddy Bear Clinic exactly? We’ll have about six stations related to health (stethoscopes, blood pressure, reflexes, otoscopes, nutrition, etc.) that the kids will rotate through over about an hour (we’ll have two groups from gr. 1-3). They’ll have teddy bears they can try out the skills on. We’ll have 2-3 volunteers at a station, and you’ll be responsible for teaching the kids a little bit about the skill, demonstrating, and having fun!

The point of this event is to introduce children to things they might see in a doctor’s office and get them more comfortable with that. It also gives us as CoM students an opportunity to connect with the community around us. Please sign up via the link below by Jan. 22 if you’d like to volunteer for this event.