Success with Internal Division Retreat Goals

The school year is drawing to a close, and the SMSS Internal Division is reflecting on a successful year. In addition to planning fundraisers, IceBowl, Fall Formal, wellness activities, and many other events, the Internal Division has tackled several goals that came out of our SMSS retreat this past fall. A summary of our goals can be seen below.

Internal Division Retreat Goals:

  1. Clarification of SMSS roles – all divisions & SMSS exec worked together to clarify SMSS roles. This included creating “transition documents” for positions elected in the Spring, and holding these elections earlier to allow for improved turnover. The SMSS exec also reviewed and edited the constitution to make things more clear.
  2. Hold well-timed wellness check-ins with the office of Student Services – the Wellness Committee led the way to advocate for one-on-one wellness check-ins with students. These were held with all pre-clerkship students in the winter semester.
  3. Hold a wellness panel – the Wellness Committee is working on securing time for a student wellness panel in orientation or early next semester to promote self-care and discourage over-commitment in the incoming Class of 2021.
  4. Collaborate on improvements to career development and mentoring (CD&M) – the Wellness Committee has been working with the office of CD&M to relay survey information on satisfaction with CD&M in our college, and relay suggestions provided by students (e.g., to create mentorship podcasts). This goal is ongoing.
  5. Make wellness info available online –
  6. Increase events in Regina – the Regina division has led the way with a successful Regina Integration Weekend, and the creation of the new curling bonspiel event. They are also working on increasing the number of buses available.
  7. Make Fall Formal more inclusive – our Social Director in Saskatoon and Regina-Saskatoon Liaison have been brainstorming and working with the UGME to make changes to Fall Formal in response to student and donor feedback. In addition, all students will vote on SMSS awards this year (rather than just SMSS Council).
  8. Clarify SMSS protocol and other SMSS documents – our SG coordinator and exec have worked on improving clarity to all funding documents for next year. In addition, we have reviewed and clarified the entire constitution, grouped policies into a central document, and created a protocol document to reflect our parliamentary procedure for meetings.

Thanks Internal Division members for all your hard work!

Please join us at the SMSS SGM on April 28th (ALL students welcome!) to participate in final decisions on many of these changes.