Student Services Representative

SMSS Position: Student Services Representative

Appointed or Elected: Elected

Main responsibilities/description (filled out by Jordan Anderson, 2015-2016): The SSR is a new position as of 2015-2016, replacing the Student Affairs Representative. The role of this position is to maintain student wellness through events, initiatives, and interactions with the college. You are asked to run the Wellness Committee meetings, as well as attend many others. Planning events and initiatives is a significant part of this role, particularly during Wellness Month. You are also in charge of two subcommittees to help with certain tasks. Career development, mentoring, and the wellness curriculum are other duties you are tasked with. You must also keep track of the budget given to the Wellness Committee.

3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1. Get to make tangible changes within the college. 1. Must be able to delegate – the amount of work, especially around wellness month, will overwhelm you if you’re not careful. This position can be very time consuming.
2. Have an extensive amount of resources to help plan events, start initiatives, etc. 2. Must be organized – lots of emails, managing budget, etc.
3. Get to interact with students from Year 1 – Year 4 and receive direct feedback. 3. Lots of meetings – Council, Internal, Wellness, CFMS, along with CD&M office, administration, etc.

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Jordan Anderson 2015-2016