Student Groups

SMSS Student groups and Committees take on a lot of projects, host events, and support the SMSS and the College of Medicine as a whole. We are very happy to have so many active student groups and committees this year.

To see a list of our currently active student groups and for their contact information, please click here

All student groups must have:

  • an active bank account
  • an active student group email address (ie.

Changes in Student Group financials:

As of 2016-2017 the SMSS VP Finance will be disseminating student group funds to each student group treasurer as one full payment. It is then the responsibility of the student group treasurer (who maintains the student groups bank account) to reimburse its members. The treasurer must also collect original receipts and document finances for the groups budget. Budget and financial documents need to be available upon request (random audit). It is highly encouraged that student groups utilize their entire budget. Budget allocation money left over at the end of the year will be taken into account when determining future funding of the group in subsequent years.

Documents for Student Groups 

All student group information can be found in the SMSS Student Groups policy found in the SMSS Policies package. Please Review the SMSS Student Groups Policy here.

For the Student Groups Budget template click here. Student group treasurers are required to manage this budget and document receipts for the student group for the year.

Student Groups are required to submit a Yearly Report to the SGC each year. Yearly report can be submitted with the Returning Student Group Application Form (submitted by October 15th each year). And Student Group Yearly Report Form here.

In order to help prevent event overlap and help our student groups plan their events a SMSS Student Group Planning calendar has been created. All ratified student groups with email addresses can access this calendar and edit it through their student group email address. If you are having trouble editing this calendar (adding and changing your potential events) please contact the student groups coordinator.

If you want to create a New SMSS Student Group find the application and details here

If you are a returning student group and need to re-ratify with the SMSS see information hereStudent groups are required to re-ratify with the SMSS each year.

Please be aware that student group applications are due October 15th of each year.


Some Important Reminders for Student Groups

  1. No student group/committee events can be booked at the same time as SMSS Elections, SMSS Council Meetings or Deans Lunches,  Please respect this, as events posted on calendar that overlap with these events will be taken down with no notice.
  2. Please do not post events on the SMSS calendar until you have received room confirmation from the Student Group Coordinator. Events put up with room booking confirmation will be removed without notice. We encourage all groups to plan ahead and book events/rooms early as sometimes it takes over a week to get room booking confirmation.
  3. Only 2 events can happen at a time (ie. only 2 events per lunch hour). This is on a first come – first serve basis. To help prevent event overlap student groups are encouraged to use the Student Group Planning Google Calendar 
  4. Student Groups can only have a maximum of 6 individual events that don’t collaborate with other groups or committees.  Student groups are encouraged to collaborate with other SMSS student groups and SMSS committees.
  5. Student Groups CANNOT use class rep emails for advertising events. Advertising can be done in other ways: facebook, the SMSS website etc.


Student Group questions and concerns can be sent to the SMSS Student Group Coordinator (SGC) at Please note that all communication from student groups to the SGC must be done using the student group emails (personal emails to SGC will not be responded to).