Student Groups Coordinator

SMSS Position: Student Groups Coordinator

Appointed or Elected: Elected 


Main responsibilities/description (filled out by Cody Secord, held position for 2015-2016 year) : Maximum 200 words

The Student Groups Coordinator serves as a liaison between the SMSS and the numerous student groups that exist in the College of Medicine.  The majority of the work for this position comes during the three SMSS funding cycles as you are responsible for collecting the applications and distributing them to the SMSS Executive so they can evaluate them.  You then have to chair the Funding Meeting so that any discrepancies can be addressed.  In between funding cycles the majority of the work for this position is in the form of booking rooms and video conferencing for the various student group events.

3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1. You get to be involved in the student group events and are therefore aware of the wide variety of events 1. There are numerous student groups so getting them all to follow the same rule or procedure can be challenging.
2. You are a member of council and have a fair amount of interaction with the SMSS executive so you are up to date with what is happening within the SMSS as well as the College of Medicine. 2. Sometimes there can be conflict between events and people can become frustrated that they have to reschedule.
3. The position is a reasonable time commitment and allows you to be active in the SMSS and still have time for other things. 3. There are a lot emails and therefore you need to have good email hygiene.

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Cody Secord 2015-2016