SMSS Spring Elections

Hello CoM!

Round B of SMSS Spring Elections is now underway. Speeches for Round B will take place this Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 in Saskatoon at E1130 and in Regina at LC-classroom. Here are the personal statements from your candidates:

Braydon Hager- Treasurer

My name is Braydon Hager, I’m a first-year medical student running for the position of Treasurer within the SMSS. Taking on the role of VP of Finance would allow me to endorse change within our College and provide a voice within the SMSS for my colleagues. I have confidence that I’ll can handle the immense responsibility of managing the finances of the SMSS.

It’s my understanding that performing the duties of Treasurer requires a certain skill set that can generally be placed into two categories; financial management and communication. Keeping track of all finances within the SMSS is a sizable responsibility and it necessitates a highly-organized approach if it’s to be done without issue. This is one of the primary reasons I think I will make an excellent Treasurer. I have outstanding organizational and time management skills as well as competency in the use of Microsoft Excel. These skills are critical to have as Treasurer and because of that I have confidence that I can take on this role. Aside from the “books” aspect of treasury, a large component is working with individuals to ensure they understand how to properly access funds for their student groups. It’s generally the role of the treasurer to ensure that the members understand how the SMSS works in terms of finances. I may run into conflict if members are unable to access additional funds for their events. I gained excellent communication skills as well as skills in conflict resolution when I worked as a resident assistant in 2014/2015. These skills will aid me in performing the more interpersonal aspects of the role as Treasurer.

I hope that I’ll have the opportunity to take on the role of Treasurer for the SMSS in the upcoming school year. I would appreciate the chance to be more involved with this organization. Thank you for your time.


Bjorn Hunter- Treasurer

I am nominating myself for the candidacy of Treasurer for the SMSS. As an MBA grad, I believe I have the technical skillsets required to fulfill this position. While writing up a business plan for my MBA, I designed an excel-based financial model to test the feasibility of opening a private MRI clinic in Saskatoon. I have also received formal training in cost accounting and financial analysis while completing my MBA. I have previous experience working on the executives of several clubs. During undergrad, I was the Secretary for the Sons of Norway and the VP of Membership for the Toastmasters club on campus at the University of Saskatchewan. I was also involved in organizing corporate sponsors while an executive of MBARC during my MBA. I believe that I am an experienced candidate with technical skillsets that will allow me to add value to the SMSS team. For more information, please view my LinkedIn profile at


Max Karnitsky- Regina Social Director

My name is Max Karnitsky, currently a Member at Large (MAL), and I will be in Regina for years 2, 3, and 4.  I am self-nominating for the position of Social Director Regina.  This position interests me because I see all of the great events that are put on in Regina like Integration Weekend, trivia night, and the Bonspiel, but also still the disparity in events between Regina and Saskatoon.  Great strides have been made thanks to Steve and Mike and I want to build on that by putting on other events such as making a Med Foodies Regina Edition and event nights, to name a few. The most recent example of my work was putting on the meals after the MMI for the interviewees, with the other MALs.  This showed my ability to coordinate an event with others, work within a budget, and negotiate for the best deal.  If elected, I would establish an open communication between other Regina and Saskatoon students to hear their suggestions for events.  I would very much like to have students from Saskatoon as well as clerks in Regina to want to take time away from what they are doing to spend some time with the rest of their medical family.  Because of my experiences and perspectives, I believe that I would be a great candidate for the Social Director of Regina.


Annie Monteith- Student Services Representative

Hello Medical Student Colleagues,

My name is Annie Monteith and I would love to be your Student Services Representative for the 2017/2018 academic year. I believe I would be a great candidate based on my passion for student wellness and willingness to advocate for my fellow medical students. Wellness encompasses such a wide variety of topics and I am very excited to use my knowledge to combine all aspect of health into this position.

None of us are strangers to the recent data warning us of the high rates of physician depression; which is why I feel so strongly about the importance of this role and the tools it can provide for a healthy and happy future.

I did my undergraduate in kinesiology which helped developed my interest for how physical activity and other lifestyle modifications can impact our academic lives in such positive ways. I was also captain of the Huskie Wrestling team which allowed me to deal with many issues related to both physical and mental health in a team setting. I worked with my coach and huskie administration to help implement policies and programs that would benefit the athletes in terms of academic time management and life outside of sport. I sat on the Huskie Athletic Council, worked as a Program Coordinator for Campus Recreation, and am currently helping organize some exciting new programs on campus such as Athletes Allies, and U of S Cuts for Cancer. The latter have made me an effective communicator, organizer and leader, all skills with which I plan on using to excel in this position.

These may have been fairly small roles compared to the one I am asking you to entrust me with, however, I feel that I can rise up to the challenge. I believe in the importance of this role and the difference it can have on student life.


Olivia Friesen- Student Groups Coordinator

To the SMSS and College of Medicine Student Body:

I would like to nominate myself for a second term as the Student Groups Coordinator for the SMSS. Over the past year, I have worked hard to fulfill the duties of the position during a time of revitalization and reform for student groups. Despite some setbacks early in the year (ie: taking on the position one week before the funding cycle deadline, and website malfunctions) I am proud of the work that I have done, and hope to continue improving the services provided by and for student groups. I’m committed to insuring that students have a knowledge of how to access funding (a gap that was noted from student feedback), and have taken the initiative to draft up an easy-to-follow funding guide. I also believe that allowing me stay on as the student groups coordinator would be in the best interest of student groups as they are in a time of reform and uncertainty right now, and having some continuity in the position would allow for a smoother transition. Additionally, because I have been involved in the reformation process up to this point, I would relish the opportunity to see it through to its fruition. I’m also committed to supporting the incoming student groups coordinator. I believe I will be best able to do this in another year when the student group situation is more certain, and I have had time to properly update the turnover document (currently a 2015 version). Thank-you for your consideration; I look forward to hopefully working hard with you and for you in the coming academic season.