Spring Elections Round A

We would like to extend an invitation to students interested in applying for SMSS positions for the 2018/19 school year. There will be two rounds of elections. Round A elections will consist of 3 positions: President, Vice-President Regina, and Vice-President Academic. If elected, you will begin shadowing the outgoing officer immediately, taking over more responsibility in May, and officially assuming the position at our Spring General Meeting (SGM) on April 11th, 2018. The purpose of having these elections early is to provide continuity from year to year by allowing for an adequate turnover period.

Self-nominations need to be submitted to Isabel Hedayat and Trevor Poole (smss.vpinternal@gmail.com) via email by no later than Wednesday, February 28th, at midnight. Late applications will not be accepted. Speeches will take place on Thursday, March 1st, 2018.

*What do I need to do to self-nominate?

  • Submit a 300 word statement describing why you are the best candidate, by Feb. 28th

  • Submit a nomination form with support (signatures) from two current SMSS council/officers (see website “about us” for list), by Feb. 28th (http://www.saskmedstudents.com/category-download/election-downloads/)

  • Prepare a speech (2 minutes maximum) +/- powerpoint for March 1st

*The following positions are available to be filled:

  1. President (Jeffrey Elder, Year 2: smss.president@usask.ca)

  2. Vice-President Regina (Ashley Tshala, Year 2:  vpregina.smss@gmail.com)

  3. Vice-President Academic (Adrianna Gunton, Year 2: smss.vpacademic@gmail.com)

While the constitutional descriptions/info sheets provide an overview of what each position entails, I would urge you to get in touch with the individuals currently holding these positions as they will be able to provide a more thorough understanding.

*What information should I consider when self-nominating?

IMPORTANT REMINDER: The SMSS will be holding Spring Elections Round B in March for the following positions: VP Finance, Social Rep Saskatoon, Social Rep Regina, Regina-Saskatoon Liaison, Student Groups Coordinator, and Student Services Representative. Unsuccessful candidates from the first round are welcome to apply for second round positions!