SonoGames Try-outs for 1st Annual SONO Symposium

SonoGames Try-outs!!!

As many of you are aware, the upcoming SonoSymposium on April 3rd will be featuring a Sonogames competition. This competition promises to be a great time for participants and spectators alike! We are looking for first and second year students who would like a chance to participate on a Sonogames team, and battle it out for some awesome prizes.

On March 23, USUS will be holding try-outs for teams from 6-9pm. Try-outs will be done individually, and the top participants will be assigned to a team with a resident captain, and compete on April 3rd.

In order to sign up for the try-outs, you must be registered for the Sonosymposium. Registration can be found here:

Once signed up for the symposium, please go to to sign up for the tryouts by Sunday, March 20th at 4:30pm.

The try-outs will consist of the following events:

Stage 1:

  • When instructed, obtain a subxphoid cardiac view
  • Identify the “7” sign
  • Sweep through entire structure
  • Once complete you will be told to advance to the next stage

Stage 2:

  • Obtain a view of the hepato-renal interface
  • Sweep through the entire interface, ensuring the tip of the liver is in view
  • Once complete, you will be told to advance to the next stage

Stage 3:

  • You will be presented with an image and asked to name the structure shown

For more detailed instruction on how to perform the scans in stages 1 and 2 please refer to:


For more information of the anatomy that is fair game, please refer to:

If you have any questions, please post them on the “Usask Ultrasound” Facebook page, so that all competitors/members may benefit.