Social Representative – Saskatoon

SMSS Position: Social Representative – Saskatoon

Appointed or Elected:  Elected


Main responsibilities/description: Filled in by Tanner Lange – 2015-2016

The Social Representative is responsible for the social wellbeing of the College of Medicine. The primary purpose of this position is representing the social climate of the student body in the form of events and collaborations. The meeting burden is relatively minor, however this position requires substantial foresight and planning as well as a deliberate connection to the student population. It is paramount to determine the College personality and allow that to guide the social agenda for the year. Through consultation with representatives from all four years, the Social Representative facilitates connections between students, classes, and sites.

3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1. Opportunity to collaborate with great people from all over the college and even other colleges. 1. The majority of work happens in heavy clusters at various times throughout the year.
2. Voting position on the SMSS allowing for contributions to be made in other aspects of student government. 2. The timing of events requires work and planning to be done over the summer.
3. Opportunity to gain experience in student government through a rewarding position that has very straightforward and reasonable demands. 3. Bringing together the diverse and sometimes conflicting preferences of the student body into the planning of events can be a challenge.

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Rob Carey 2014/2015
Tanner Lange 2015/2016