SMSS President

SMSS Position: SMSS President

Appointed or Elected:  Elected.

Main responsibilities (filled out by Jeffrey Elder President 2017/18):

The president oversees all activities of the SMSS. The position involves working in collaboration with other students, SMSS members, faculty etc. A large part of the position is “putting out fires” and dealing with issues that come up unexpectedly (and believe me there are a lot).  This position attends a lot of meetings, chairs a lot of meetings, and sits on many committees (see above description from constitution).  The president also communicates with other MedSoc (medical society) presidents across Canada on a monthly basis. Through these meetings the president also supports the CFMS in their initiatives and getting messages to the local student body. The president will also attend the annual Western Deans Meeting, CFMS Annual General Meeting and CFMS Spring General Meeting.

3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1.  Opportunity to do lots of networking within the College (faculty) and with medical students across Canada 1. It’s a big time commitment. Its requires you to be very organized and on top of your other responsibilities (ie. school work, family life)
2.  Have a voice at committee meetings that influence big change within the College 2. There are a lot of emails. You spend a lot of time replying and relaying messages to the appropriate people.
3.  You get the opportunity to meet students in our College from Med 1 to Med 4 3.  You become an expert in conflict management  – conflicts between students, council members, and faculty

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Jeffrey Elder 2017/2018