Saskdoc Rep

SMSS Position: Saskdocs Rep

Appointed or Elected: Elected (2 years)

Main responsibilities/description (filled out by Paule, 2014-2016)

Saskdocs Rep is a 2 year position in which you are the student representative on the Saskdocs Board of Directors, which discusses and votes on actions that Saskdocs takes as a corporation dedicated to managing physician supply within the province. You are obligated to attend the board meetings (4 throughout the year, including in summer), and to vote on the motions brought up during these meetings. You are the student voice for any issues that Saskdocs is involved in that also affect the student body. Sometimes you may help Saskdocs implement their surveys to garner student opinion.

You work to help Saskdocs organize some of the events that they offer students, such as information sessions and lunches at the college. Lastly, you act as a liaison between the student body and Saskdocs, and assist with communication between those individuals.

3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1.  You get to learn about how Saskdocs, the Ministry of Health, the College of Medicine and the Health Regions work together with physicians to keep Saskatchewan (especially rural) with a steady supply of doctors. 1. At times I felt my understanding of the system was insufficient to contribute much to the board’s discussion on certain issues.
2. You get to learn about how boards and committees and crown corporations work. 2. The board meetings revolve a lot around issues that may not be directly applicable to you as a student.
3.  The staff of Saskdocs and members of the board are welcoming and like to answer any questions you have. 3.  Sometimes Saskdocs isn’t very good at working through you as the student representative, which can make you feel like your job is useless.

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Paule Bertholet 2014-2016