Round B Elections – Personal Statements

Jr Sports Representative

Andrew Tolmie

My name is Andy Tolmie, and I’m a first-year medical student running for the Junior Sports Representative. Throughout my first month of classes, I’ve thoroughly appreciated the various extracurricular events organized by the SMSS, as they have been a great opportunity to meet classmates, upper year students, and take my mind off studying. Particularly, the Healthcare Classic was the highlight of my Welcome Week, despite never touching a baseball bat before the tournament.

        Growing up, I’ve always been involved in team sports, and I believe that my experiences playing have positively impacted my character. Most notably, my involvement playing rugby throughout undergrad has contributed to my development, but I’ve also gained experience relevant to succeeding as the Junior Sports Representative. From 2015 to 2017, I served as president of the University of Saskatchewan Rugby Club. As president, I managed the club’s activities, which included designing jerseys, hosting the first U of S Sevens Tournament in 2016, and organizing travel for our men’s and women’s team to attend National University Sevens in British Columbia. In addition, our club is also involved in promoting rugby in Saskatchewan, so we’d often facilitate smaller events to players new to the sport. The atmosphere in these events was friendly and inclusive, allowing players of all skill levels to enjoy themselves. As Junior Sports Representative, I would use my experience to maintain an inclusive atmosphere at SMSS sporting events, ensuring all new and existing students in the College of Medicine can easily participate and socialize with their peers.


Jr Global Health Liaison

Conley Kriegler

Hi Everyone,

My name’s Conley and I’m running to be the Global Health Liaison, so hopefully this little blurb will convince you that I could manage the duties of the GHL. First, I should say that every candidate for this would do a fantastic job, as we’re all a bunch of Type-A perfectionists, but I think the important thing for this position is picking someone who cares enough about the topic to take time away from studying to do it. I think I’m that person.

To give you some context, I have a B.A. in social sciences, so I know nothing about the body. But for some reason I chose medicine. I chose medicine because above anything I’m broadly interested in people and their happiness, and as health is so intimately linked to happiness I thought medicine was a good path. So why does that mean I care about Global Health? Well, as a social science background will let you know, nowadays we are all intimately connected through the spread of globalization and migration (Facebook too). So the health practices in any country or continent are going to be felt right here in Saskatoon. We all know that, but I think I’ve gotten to see it personally through people at great organizations like Global Gathering Place and the Open Door society, where I’ve had the pleasure of teaching some new Canadians with interesting health challenges how to swim for the past 3 years. However, this isn’t a chance to plug my resume so I’ll refocus.

I want to be your GHL because we should do onto others as we would have them do onto us, and I don’t think there’s a more meaningful job for Canadians than fighting for the health of our global neighbours when they can’t for themselves.


Research Representative

Trevor Krysak 

        What makes me qualified to be the research representative for my fellow colleagues? Does anybody remember that little discovery called the double helix? Well I wasn’t involved in that in the slightest, but I want to give a shoutout to Rosalind Franklin for not getting the credit she deserves *couch cough Watson and Crick*

        Aside from that I think I make an excellent candidate to be our student body’s research representative. I just finished my honours degree in physiology and pharmacology where for the past 2 years I’ve been conducting research into cell signalling in diabetic neuropathies. Just because I love research, or am a little masochistic, I am still continuing on my research into the school year. Research has become a huge part of my life since I began, and I plan to continue on in research during my career. As the research representative, I hope I can inspire you all to get involved in research, help you find as many opportunities as possible, and be a resource for any concerns you may have. I have many contacts in the basic science departments here at the college and hope I can use those to increase opportunities as well as find more clinical faculty available for research as well.

        Research is essential as a basis for clinical medicine and I want to further that with the help of you. I aspire to continue to increase the reputation of the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine as a leader in research excellence. One last shameless boast, to show my qualification for this position; I managed to win 1st prize in the poster competition at the neuroscience retreat last fall and have a vast catalogue of research memes to share if I am elected. Thank you.


 Shaina Templeton 

Hi SMSS executives and fellow medical students!

I am passionate about research. My aim is to convey this through sharing both my past experiences and my vision for the position of research representative if I were to be elected.

        I have served as an executive member on two student initiative groups at the U of S – three years on the Biochemistry Students’ Association (BSA) and two years on the College of Medicine Graduate Student Society. Of note, while juggling a full course load and a demanding, independent honours project, I was also the president of the BSA in fourth year. I have 3+ years of research experience, which include two NSERC summer projects, a honours project, and a shot at a Masters in Health Sciences before medicine.

        So great, I have student executive and research experience – but how will that help you? I enjoy engaging in initiative, collaboration and leadership with vision. My vision is this: I have had both rewarding and challenging experiences. I want to help others navigate these inevitable challenges who are keen to explore what research can offer, by learning from my mistakes, so your experience is of value to you (while also looking good on CaRMS applications 😉). Perhaps you have research experience yourself and need a dependable source for application details and deadlines. Or you have an exciting concept for a new research opportunity you want to bring to fruition. Or even yet, you have little research experience and need advice about how to contact supervisors and choose a project you feel passionate about. Let me put the worry out of applications and deadlines, bring your ideas to life, and set you up for success with the right supervisor and the right project.

Research what you are passionate about.

Thank you for your consideration,

Shaina Templeton 😊


Jr VP Internal

Trevor Poole

Hello Everyone!

My name is Trevor Poole and I’m from Moosomin, Sk – a tiny town on the Sask-Manitoba border – but I graduated from Brandon University (in Manitoba) with a Biology/Biochemistry degree. I’ve just started school here at the CoM and am really excited to get to know everyone over the next four years! I think my previous extracurricular and student government experiences make me suited to be your Junior Vice President, Internal, and I hope that I can convince you of that too!

Like many of you – especially you Type A personalities – I was a chronic participator during my undergrad, doing everything from student group leadership to hospital shadowing and volunteering. I am most proud of my involvement with Brandon University’s student ambassador program for three years, and my time on the executive of the Brandon University Student Union (BUSU).

The student ambassador program gave me a lot of experience helping new students access the services the university offered, and I also participated in a lot of leadership skills seminars. I was elected as science director at Brandon’s Student Union in my last year of undergrad and later stepped into the role of Vice President External. In these roles I sat on the university senate board, helped plan and execute the Union’s annual Welcome Week outdoor concert, and rewrote Union policies governing student group funding and affairs.

The Jr. VPI role deals with a lot of the SMSS’ policy. I believe a combination of open communication, honesty, and equity of treatment is the best policy. I promise that, if elected, I will approach the role of Jr. VPI with this policy in mind and endeavour to make the SMSS work efficiently for all of you. I hope I can count on your vote!


Trevor Poole​


Trevor Gallagher

Hello Everyone,

        I’d like to start by thanking you for taking the time to participate in the SMSS elections process. There are a number of reasons why I think I’m the right person for the Jr VP Internal position. The simplest reason is that I have a strong desire to serve you, my colleagues and mentors, and do what I can to make the U of S College of Medicine a place of learning that grows and adapts. This year the Jr VP Internal will work alongside the SMSS and CoM to work towards the many improvements coming to our College as accreditation approaches.

        Throughout my first year in Medicine I volunteered to help with whatever events I could. This included last year’s winter informal, the mock MMI, and this year’s Welcome Week. Entering second year I’ve gained a strong understanding of how to balance my academics and take on other rolls, which would serve me well in this position. However, I believe the greatest reason I’m suited for this position is because I am both a student and a parent. One role the Jr VP Internal fills is to advocate for the students when the UGME considers policy changes. In learning to balance parenting and school, I also gained an astute sense of the kinds of support students need from the college. I am supremely confident that I could serve the students and faculty of this college well in this role.

        So I’m asking you to put your trust in me, and let me be your voice as we face this time of change at the U of S CoM. Let’s work together to make our college the best it can be. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Trevor Gallagher


Jr VP External

Daniel Lee

Hello College of Medicine!

My name is Daniel Lee and I am running for the position of SMSS Jr VP External. Being part of a formal student government is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and if elected, would also give me the added bonus of getting to know more of you!

My previous experiences that make me a good fit for this position include being VP External and later, VP Internal of a student-run environmental club at McGill University. My day-to-day responsibilities as VP External included meeting with other execs regarding club matters, communicating with campus vendors to increase the scope and efficacy of our club’s mandate, and discussing budgeting options with the formal student government of McGill University. Although it was on a much smaller scale, I am hoping the communication and advocacy skills I learned will benefit me should I be chosen as Jr VP External of the SMSS. I hope to compensate for any deficits by learning as much as I can from the current Sr VP External and working together closely with fellow SMSS members.

        More than anything, I would like to represent the College and its students as best as I can to other parties including the CFMS or UGME. The current VP external has utilized these interactions to benefit aspects of student life such as study space and policies and I hope to do the same. I also hope to raise the questions and concerns that many of you may have to these parties. At the end of the day, my desire is to make the journey through medical school as smooth and enjoyable as possible for all of us, myself included.

Daniel Lee


VP Communications

James Hill

        Hello everyone! Thank you for all the support I was met with during the initial round of elections. Even the simple act of applying for the class rep position lead to my meeting many of you and getting to know our class a little better. I am now asking that you would consider me for the role of your VP communications this year. If you did not read my previous statement or attend the round A election speeches, I will give you a summary of what I shared regarding my desire for involvement in the SMSS; I believe that this role in the SMSS calls for someone who is passionate about enabling effective communication within and outside the college. I hope to bring my previous experience as a member of student government in my undergraduate college and as a communicator in a variety of past and current settings to benefit you as a class. The role of VP communications entails a variety of duties that are crucial to the effective operation of your student government, which ultimately affects your personal med school experience. I now ask for your support as I seek this position, that I would be able to improve this experience for you as my class, using a combination of my past experience, and the enjoyment I have for learning new communication skills to give the Class of 2021 a stronger and more effective voice in our college. Thank you very much for your consideration,

James Hill.


Student Curriculum Review Committee (3)

Anson Dinh

Classes of medicine,

You know that feeling when you think you are starting to get into the flow of medicine?  Two clinical days, a dissection day, an assignment here and there. Then suddenly the upper limb lecture gets dropped out of nowhere.  Time to reconsider how to stay sane in medicine.  Honestly medicine won’t be easy. We all knew this when we sent our reply in frantic excitement accepting our offered seats. But just because it is difficult doesn’t mean we can’t try to make it interesting and easier on ourselves.

The position of Student Curriculum Review Committee can make our future years manageable and is the position I hope to convince you all I can fulfill!  Beginning with the million-dollar question of why I am applying in the first place.  I am applying to not only make everyone’s life in medicine easier but mine as well.  We’re all busy people and have lives outside of medicine.  As an applicant for a position intertwined with our academics I hope to make changes to provide more time for life outside of medicine.

So why vote for myself?  As a U of S graduate in Anatomy and Cell Biology I do not have much to offer, other than a backflip.  But as a medical student, I made the decision to join the accreditation committee.  Because of this I have been exposed to a lot of data pertaining our academics.  I am aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our medical education, and by using this expertise, I plan on making the next few years as smooth as possible.  

Thank you for the consideration and hopefully this brief statement will convince you to vote for me!

-Anson Dinh

Robert Henderson

Dear Colleagues,

I have been representing and advocating for student interests for over six years in higher education, and I am running for a seat on the Student Curriculum Review Committee so that I can put that experience to good use on your behalf as we study together at the College of Medicine. The work I have done in student government has allowed me to become skilled at hearing and understanding issues relevant to students, and then articulating those issues effectively to administrators that gets results.

In brief, some specifics about me and my past roles are as follows:

  •       Student Senator for 4 years at Waterloo
  •       Member of the Board of Governors for 3 years at Waterloo
  •       Member of the University of Waterloo’s Graduate and Research Council (which approves curriculum changes for all of graduate studies) for 1 year
  •       Executive of the Graduate Student Association (Waterloo) for 3 years, including President and chair of the Board for 1 year, representing over 5000 graduate students
  •       Member of over a dozen university and student committees covering a wide range of topics


  •       BSc in mathematical physics, Waterloo (2008)
  •       MSc in astrophysics, McMaster (2010)
  •       PhD in biophysics, Waterloo (2016)
  •       MBA, U of S (2017)

At the moment, I am also the Chair of the U of S Graduate Students’ Association, and a student representative on the Governance Committee of University Council. If elected to the Student Curriculum Review Committee, I would use all of my experience to help ensure that the student voice continues to be heard with respect to medical education at our College.


Laura Neuberger

Hi, my name is Laura Neuburger, and I would like to represent the MD class of 2021 on the Student Curriculum Review Committee. It is important for us to have a strong voice in discussions surrounding the development and delivery of our curriculum, and I would value the opportunity to be the voice for our class on these matters. As students in the College of Medicine, we are the ones who experience this curriculum on a daily basis; thus, having someone who can effectively engage in this conversation is of importance. Through my past experiences with faculty in developing clinical cases for student learning and assessment, I have developed skills that will enable me to provide a meaningful contribution to the Committee; I am dedicated to listening to your concerns, and am committed to conveying our collective ideas. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you as we continue to promote a positive medical school experience.