1. Bridge the gap between University of Regina pre-medical students and medical students studying in Regina in order to promote the College and studying medicine in Regina
  2. Provide support and direction to pre-medical students on their path toward medical school
  3. Educate pre-medical students about opportunities in Regina with regard to medical education
  4. Promote the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR)

We are pleased to have introduced and ran the first test run of the Regina Pre-Medicine Mentorship Program (RPMM) this fall 2015. RPMM is simple: we will match you with one or two medical students in Regina and provide each of you with each other’s emails. From there, the rest is up to you. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions via email, in person at a coffee shop, or in whatever other fashion the pair of you come up with. The program is meant to bridge the gap between medical students and pre-medical students in Regina by offering advice about medicine, medical school, admittance, or chat about life in general. 

The program has been added to the SMSS Constitution and will continue in the future. The 2016/2017 version will begin this fall, watch for second and third year medical students coming to the University of Regina for a coffee-night meet & greet. Signup for the program will be at this event. Invitations to the event will be forwarded by URegina Academic Advisors.