RASH – Call For Chairs


Exciting news! We, formerly known as RAG student group, are proud to announce a shift and expansion of the groups’ mandate to include the interests of Sexual Health more broadly, including LGBTQ* perspectives.  Henceforth, the group’s name will become “Reproductive And Sexual Health”, or, RASH.

Don’t worry! We’re not dropping the (still very pertinent) ball on Reproductive rights including access to termination care, encouraging curriculum reform, and filling in the gaps for students in the meantime.  However,  it is our resolution that this dossier will be better served by a dedicated position  where the member would sit on both executives of OGIG and RASH student groups.

So, further to that end…

ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for Applications: RASH Chair – 2016-2017

We are currently accepting applications for REPRODUCTIVE AND SEXUAL HEALTH Chairs 2016-17 position, until Friday, August 19th at 23h59.  There are a total of two positions available, one each for a student in Regina and Saskatoon.

A brief description of the duties and responsibilities for the Chair position includes overseeing the group’s activities and other executive positions, chairing meetings, coordinating with other student groups and the SMSS,  attending SMSS meetings as the group’s representative, facilitating executive turnover/documentation and signing authority over the accounts. The past-chairs will remain in an advisory capacity until January 2017 for support. To apply for this position you must be enrolled in the college for 2016-17, and though it is strongly suggested to be from the class of 2019, any student in any year is eligible to apply.

At this time we are looking for applications for RASH Chair positions ONLY – the other roles will be filled in later in August so stay tuned for the announcement regarding Secretary, Events Coordinator, RAG officer, and Treasurer.

To apply, please compose a ~ 500 word personal statement including (but not limited to):

-Why you are interested in the position and what skills you have that make you well suited

-Your impression of the events you attended this year and how you might improve upon them

-Your vision for the group going forward: how you’ll use the momentum gathered this year, ideas for new events, general direction…

Please note that you DO NOT need any previous experience to apply – we will be helping you a lot initially in getting set up in your position. If you have any interest at all in this interest group, you are strongly encouraged to apply!

Applications can be sent to reproductiveactiongroup@gmail.com by Friday August 19th at 23h59.

For more information or if you have further questions regarding these positions, as always, please contact by email.