Pro-Choice Awareness Week

The USSU Pro-Choice Awareness week runs from March 21-26th with an information table in the Arts tunnel from 10-2pm every day.  This year the focus of the event is on what actually hurts the women who access these services – the stigma.  The fact is that 95% of people who have an abortion don’t regret it, and of the 5% that do, it was found that living in a community that highly stigmatizes abortion or having low social support was positively correlated with negative feelings post-abortion.  It should also be noted that these feelings of regret are congruent with the rates of those who choose to continue an unplanned pregnancy.  Regardless of your personal resolution on this issue, we can all agree that minimizing negative patient outcomes is a favourable goal.  It’s time to recognize and think critically about the harm that judgment and societal ignomy causes to people for being autonomous in the pursuit of health.

RAG is looking for student advocates to volunteer to represent our student group in the tunnel next week from 12h30-1h20, passing out information pamphlets and engaging/encouraging people to reflect on this important issue.

Please contact for more information and access to the sign-up sheet.