PEERSiM Mentoring Program

PEERSiM (Program to Engage and Exchange Resources for Students in Medicine)

  1. To ensure the academic success of students during their transition to college and to support their continued academic achievement through graduation.
  2. To build community by creating a more inclusive campus environment and by addressing the cultural needs of multicultural students.
  3. To offer opportunities for learning, leadership and service outside the formal academic curriculum

The PEERSiM mentoring program has been run for a number of years at the CoM and has been very successful. In the fall, second year medical students sign up to be mentors for the incoming class, while first year students sign up to be mentees. This program is designed to develop resources in upper years to help guide you through medical school. This can be effective study tips, time management, what to wear for clinical skills, opportunities for research and volunteering, and ultimately to learn and benefit from the experiences of others. It will be up to each mentoring pair to decide how to meet, but it is recommended to meet (whether in person, on skype, or texting) at least once a month in whatever form you decide. Contact for more information.