Pediatric Interest Group – Call for Applications

Hi PIG members!

In the hopes of continuing to provide valuable experiences for you in the field of pediatrics, we are now accepting applications for our executive roles for the 2016-2017 year. The open positions include treasurer, secretary, Year 1 rep, Year 2 rep, and Regina-liaison. Note that our in-coming presidents were elective in the spring – please welcome Kate Ross-Hopley (Saskatoon) and Shonah Runalls (Regina).

If you have questions about any of the positions, feel free to get in contact with Anastasia or Nikki (current co-presidents).

To apply, simply write a ~200-word blurb about your interest in pediatrics, experiences you may have had, and generally why we should choose you! Send the blurb back to us at this email address (, by Sept 2nd, 2016.

Below is a summary of all the PIG executive positions, but as mentioned president roles have been filled.

Summary of PIG positions:

President: Oversee the actions of the group, plan meetings, ensures events are organized appropriately, contact physicians for events.

Vice-President: Assist the President in the planning and execution of group events/seminars.

Treasurer: Manage finances for the group bank account, keep track of funding & spending, ensure group stays on budget.

Secretary: Take minutes at meetings, collects attendance signatures at events.

Year 1 Rep: Relay important messages and reminders to the Year 1 class.

Year 2 Rep: Relay important messages and reminders to the Year 2 class.

Regina Liaison: Ensure appropriate communication between Regina and Saskatoon, and make sure the experience at both sites is enjoyable, comparable, and informative.

*Note: All positions are also involved with the planning and execution of events like the skills night, meet & greet, and community outreach events.


Looking forward to hearing from you!