Past General Council Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2017 – Annual General Meeting

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September 27, 2017 – Fall Turnover Meeting

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April 12, 2017 – Spring General Meeting

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March 2017 – Meeting Cancelled.

8 February 2017 – General Council Meeting

Type of Meeting: General Council Meeting Please Read:
Facilitator: Kiefer Lypka Please Bring:
Minutes Taken by: Rebecca Whaley



See attendance record available from the VP Communications on request



I CALL TO ORDER Motion: That the meeting be called to order.
Moved By: Kiefer Seconded by: Mike                              Carried
II CONSIDERATION OF THE AGENDA Motion: That the agenda be adopted as presented
Moved By: Kiefer Seconded by: Jeff                              Carried
III PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES Motion: That the minutes of the 11/01/2017 meeting be adopted as presented
Moved By: Kiefer Seconded by: Steve                              Carried


Presenter Name:  Kiefer Lypka (SMSS President)
Past Meetings/Events:

– Date Auction: +$8,000

– Miles for Smiles: +$15,000 raised for Children’s Hospital Foundation

Upcoming Meetings/Events:

– Reading Week: February 20th-24th

– Match Party: March 1st

– Provincial Lobby Day: March 7th

– Curling Bonspiel: March 11th

Current Projects/ Issues/ Ideas/ etc:

– Student Group Funding Forum: February 15th

      – There will be funding for food!

– Mock Accreditation Visit

      – they didn’t make it to Regina (Boo!)

      – not sure if mock accreditation reports will be made available (will be discussed at Dean’s Lunch on Feb 14th)

– Elections

SMSS help needed:

Greystone Scholars Society Professional Development Night: March 10th 6:30-8:30 pm (3 volunteers needed)

  • this is geared towards high school students.
  • we will have a booth
SMSS funds needed:
Motion:  NONE


TOPIC A Presenter: Position:
TOPIC                                              Presenter: Kiefer Lypka                                                           Position: President

Non-Student Participation in Skills nights


       A Family Doc expressed interest in participating in a skills night.

       When do we allow others participate? Only if spots are left open?


  • should be open to students primarily
  • we need to ensure that students have priority and
  • suggest they pay to attend if spots are available
  • suggest they pay with time (such as providing a talk, etc)
  • perhaps they could just observe the skills event
  • could physician’s buy an SMSS membership with skills night spots reserved for physicians
  • could provide a good opportunity for networking
Motion:  That physicians be permitted to attend SMSS events if “spots” remain available after the student RSVP deadline. Students will have priority until the RSVP deadline. Physicians should provide financial compensation for their participation, amount to be determined by the relevant student group.
In Favor: Against:
Moved by: Seconded by: Not voted on.  Not carried. Tabled for next council meeting. May need to discuss at Dean’s meeting.

Result: Not- carried

Action Item:



Person Responsible: Deadline:


TOPIC B Presenter: Ava Menezes Position: Wellness Chair
Topic: RSVP Commitments –
Explanation:: many students have failed to meet their RSVP commitments which has resulted in waste food and resources

  • do we offer an aggressive reminder to all students
  • should we have an attendance policy
  • should this be handled by the individual student groups
    • more practical if the event is small
  • should students cover the cost of missed meal – not at this time
  • add a reminder that RSVP is a commitment on the SMSS website (Becky to add this to the website)
  • Review SMSS council minutes from last year
  • Tabled by consensus vote (Kieran/Caitlin) – carried
Motion: NONE


TOPIC C Presenter: Rebecca Whaley Position: VP Communications
Topic: Bear Pit Update

  • Reminder about survey
  • Class reps to post to FB page; 
Discussion: no discussion
Motion: NONE


Upcoming Elections: Speech Dates:

3 Mar 2017 Round A  (Call will be next Thursday)
23 Mar 2017 Round B
24 Mar 2017 Round B


XIV ADJOURNMENT Motion: That the meeting be adjourned.
Moved By: Kiefer Seconded by: Spencer Z                              Carried