Opportunity – National Geriatrics Interest Group

Dear SMSS, 

We are contacting you from the National Geriatrics Interest Group and wondering if you could help us recruit students who are interested in starting a Geriatrics Interest Group at University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine. 

What is NGIG?
NGIG is the National Geriatrics Interest Group, a centralized student-led group started by medical students with the goal of bringing together individual GIGs and creating Canada-wide education initiatives in the field of aging. Our mandate focuses on providing guidance to students across the country who are setting up or running their own GIG groups, including advice and support for events, assistance with funding opportunities, and information dissemination (via the CGS student website). The NGIG also has an active role in the Canadian Geriatrics Society (CGS) by taking part in the Education committee of the CGS, addressing student issues, and helping with curriculum reviews. The NGIG creates a student-led presence that helps raise the profile of Geriatrics in the academic community, facilitates partnership and communication between the health care programs across Canada, and offers support to students interested in the field of aging and health issues of older adults.”

A few advantages to joining us would be:
1. Funding: We have the great privilege of securing ample funding for each school with the help of Canadian Geriatrics Society.
2. Events Assistance and Ideas: Our events include Alzheimer’s Society Initiative, Patient Outreach Program, #WhyGeriatricsWednesday, GIG Spotlight, etc.
4. Awards: Annual J.L. NGIG Student Leadership Award and NGIG Research Award
5. Student Day: This year, Student Day is on April 16th in Vancouver BC! This is an event hosted by both the Canadian Geriatrics Society and the National Geriatrics Interest Group that brings together like-minded people Across Canada: including medical students, residents, and geriatricians.
6. Publication: We run a publication every year giving medical students the opportunity to publish and present their research, clinical, community, artist or personal experiences.
Please let us know if there is anything we can do and thank you for your assistance. We look forward to your reply. 

Best Regards,

Tina Chen and Christina Reppas-Rindlisbach
Chairs of National Geriatrics Interest Group
Please visit our NGIG Website
For more information email: sc893@alumni.ubc.ca