New ‘Student Group’ Feeds

As the SMSS, we are trying to move above from the use of Facebook as our main medium of communication. Facebook is a social media site and is not intended for official long term communication. Facebook is also not a secure form of communication.

Many student groups, students and SMSS council members have expressed concern and frustrating with current Facebook communication: 1) there are a lot of pages, so to advertise for an event you post on multiple pages 2) you need to update your student group ever year (including email lists) 3) with so many student groups, posts get lost in the mix ( move down the feed very quickly).

As the SMSS, we are trying to centralize the communication between students, council, student groups etc.

What has been created are “blog feeds” for each student group. This will become the main modem of communication for student groups. Students can ‘subscribe’  (via RSS feeds) to whichever student group feeds they are interested in. To access individual student group blog feeds you go to the SMSS website, Student groups Tab, find the appropriate student group, and click the link beside communication feeds. Once on the specific groups feed click “rss feed” and you can add this feed to your RSS reader.

If you do not know what an RSS reader is, please see info sheet on RSS feeds on the Student Groups tab for more information.

Please contact the SMSS president is you have any questions or concerns.