SMSS Membership Fees


As a medical student at the University of Saskatchewan you now belong to an organization called the Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan (SMSS). The SMSS is an organization ran by medical students, for medical students. The SMSS participates in advocating for student needs within the classroom, within the College, and within the community. Further, this organization provides numerous opportunities for students to gain external clinical experience, liaison with other organizations to promote student well-being, and engage the student body in events throughout the school year.

As a member of the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine and the SMSS you also become members of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS). The CFMS is the national medical student organization which 15 different medical schools across Canada are a part of. This organization advocates for students on a national level and provides discounted medical learning resources, opportunities to partake in international clinical and research learning experiences, allow collaboration across medical institutions, as well as represent students at the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

The SMSS is funded in part by its student members (through membership fees) and in part by the College of Medicine. On the first day of orientation first time members  are required to pay a onetime $300.00 membership fee. This is a onetime fee that covers your for the next four years of your time here at the College of Medicine. The breakdown of this fee is as follows:

  • A percentage is put into a savings account and will go towards your graduation from the College of Medicine (in 2020)
  • A percentage goes towards your membership fees for the national organization, CFMS (which the SMSS will pay on your behalf)
  • A percentage goes towards helping the SMSS carryout activities, events, and advocacy opportunities for its members

The SMSS has over 20 different student interest groups and over 5 committees including groups such as The Pediatric Interest Group, Student Surgical Society, Family Med Club, SMSS Committee on Global Health etc. (click here for more information about each student groups and committees). These groups host events, skills nights, conferences, and speaker series to provide opportunities for each student to gain exposure to as any medical fields as possible.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you and once again, welcome to the College of Medicine.


Larissa Padayachee, Outgoing SMSS President, BSc, MSc, MBA M.D. Candidate (Class of 2018)

Kiefer Lypka, Incoming SMSS President, BSc, M.D. Candidate (Class of 2019)