Member at Large

SMSS Position: Member at Large

Appointed or Elected: Appointed


Main responsibilities/description: Maximum 200 words

As a member at large, you may be called upon to help with a variety of different projects that are being put on by the college or different branches of the SMSS. Some of these projects might include Miles for Smiles, Adopt-a-family, Change Day, etc. When someone approaches you for help, you should discuss with other members at large to decide who is available and who can help out. A new responsibility of the members at large will be the SMSS Working Groups. A working group is a group of faculty and students who will work together to accomplish a project that has been identified as an issue among the students. A working group will be an opportunity for you take the lead on a project, work with your fellow students, and consult with faculty to help tackle an issue. It is a great way to help make a real difference in the college that may be directly affecting students. We have already launched a ‘JURSI Challenges’ Working group that will be looking at ways that the SMSS can better represent and advocate for our 3rd and 4th year clerkship students who are having difficulties and want to see change.

4 benefits of the Position 4 challenges of the position
1. Get to see what the SMSS is all about and learn more about student council. 1. Very informal in regards to structure. Sometimes hard to understand your role within the SMSS.
2. Get to be involved in a large variety of projects and choose an area you’re interested in volunteering in (Internal division, external division). 2. Sometimes hard to find people who require help with events.
3. The introduction of working groups into the position results in the opportunity to take the lead on a project and put your name on something that results in real change within the school. 3. More of a behind the scenes position with less recognition and general population knowledge about the role and what’s involved.
4. Extremely flexible position. 4. Aside from the working groups, there’s not a lot that your in charge of over-seeing.

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Hilary Aadland 1
Josh Butcher 2
Nolan Rau 2
Ryan Cormier 3