Med Charity Date Auction

Med Charity Date Auction is an annual fundraising event planned and hosted by the Med 1 Medicine Class.

The Med 1 Class chooses an organization to support through the date auction. The Med 1 students then plan dates and auction off themselves as dates – with all proceeds going to charity. The Date Auction is a great opportunity to be creative, meet students of all years, and to network with faculty and residents.

Med 1 provides all of the dates, however anyone (other students, faculty, residents, professors, staff, friends etc.) can purchase dates. It is an eventing full of fun and laughter – all for a great cause.

For details about past and upcoming Date Auctions please see the links below:


Date Auction (January 2016) – Presented by Class of 2019 

Date Auction (January 27, 2017) – Presented by Class of 2020