Invitation to Participate in a National Survey

Dear Students:

The University of Ottawa has recently launched a highly successful clinical teaching elective for 4th year medical students.   To help guide similar electives at medical schools across Canada, we invite you to take a survey regarding perceptions of teaching opportunities for trainees at your centre of training.  We understand you are very busy – the survey should take under 10 minutes to complete.  The survey can be anonymous; however, once completed, you can choose to provide your contact information to have your name entered in a draw to win one of 20 Tim Hortons gift cards (value: $25).

A consent form is attached.   Click here to access the survey:

Due date: October 30th, 2015 [11:59PM EST]

Thank you very much.

Dr. Karima Khamisa (Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa), Elise Azzi (MD 2016), Matt Hughes (MD 2017)