2015 Speakers

This year we were lucky to have these prestigious guest speakers:

  • Mr. Keith Dewar, Chief Executive Officer of RQHR
  • Dr. David McCutcheon, Vice President of Physician and Integrated Health Services of RQHR
  • Dr. Gill White, College of Medicine Associate Dean, Regina Program
  • Mr. Francis Loos, Dilawri Simulation Center

2015 Skill Circuit

Six groups of 8-10 students and consists of six stations:

  • Suturing: You’ll be instructed on techniques of suturing using suturing training pads from the Dilawri Simulation Center.
    • Location: Learning Center common area
  • IV Insertion: You’ll be taught how to insert an intravenous catheter into a practice IV arm.
    • Location: Learning Center conference room
  • Hi-Fidelity Simulation: You will be put into a simulation scenario on the hi-fidelity mannequin, its your job to figure out whats going on and how to manage this patient in this controlled environment. The mannequin has palpable pulses, has auscultatable respirations, and many more hi-tech features to make this simulation as close to real life as possible.
    • Location: Dilawri Simulation Center
  • Ultrasound: Four Year 2s will be present and ready to be scanned along with an instructor to show you the ropes around ultrasound. You will rotate into this station and scan away at their heart, liver, kidney, bladder, and other viscera learning important structures and proper techniques.
    • Location: Dilawri Simulation Center
  • Intubation: Here you will learn techniques of endotracheal intubation.
    • Location: Dilawri Simulation Center
  • Pelvic examination: We’ll run you through the female pelvic examination on our high quality exam dummies along with other gynecological techniques of examination.
    • Location: Dilawri Simulation Center


Thanks to Saskdocs, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, the College of Medicine, and the SMSS for supporting this event.

Keep an eye out for the next Regina SMSS’s rendition of Integration Weekend this upcoming November 2016!


Photos 2015