IceBowl is a Western Canadian Hockey Tournament that happens in the fall of each year. The schools that support IceBowl include the U of S, U of M, UBC, U of C and U of A.

IceBowl is an annual event, however each school takes a turn hosting the event.

  • IceBowl 2014 – Winnipeg, MB (U of M)
  • IceBowl 2015 – Saskatoon, SK (U of S)
  • IceBowl 2016 – Calgary, AB (U of C)
  • IceBowl 2017 – Vancouver, BC (UBC)

Although IceBowl itself is a hockey tournament, non-hockey players are still welcomed and encouraged to come. There are many non-hockey events that happen throughout the weekend, including are themed social events every evening.

It is a great weekend of fun, decent hockey, and the opportunity to meet colleagues from across Western Canada.

For information on past and upcoming IceBowl events, please see the links below:


IceBowl 2015 – Saskatoon

IceBowl 2016 – Calgary

IceBowl 2017 – Vancouver (more details to come)