Government Affairs and Advocacy (GAAC)

SMSS Position: Government Affairs & Advocacy Committee Rep

Appointed or Elected: Elected (2 years)

Main responsibilities/description (filled out by Jacqueline Carverhill) (2015-2017) Maximum 200 words

3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1. Very flexible in terms of what types of events you put on and which topics you address 1. Can be a lot of work for 2 people depending on how many events you choose to host
2. Get to liaison with GAACs from across Canada through monthly conference calls and National Lobby Day 2. To be effective in this position, you have to remain on top of current events/news relating to health care in particular (not a huge challenge – but sometimes hard with a busy schedule)
3. Get to work with both medical students and people outside of the college (community members, politicians, etc.) 3. Need to remain unbiased and nonpartisan when hosting GAAC events


Contact information

Name (grad class) Email Address Academic year in position
Jacqueline Carverhill (2019) 2016-2017
Paul Robinson (2018) 2015-2016