Global Health Liaison

SMSS Position: Global Health Liaison

Appointed or Elected: Elected (2 years)

Main responsibilities/description (filled out by Gabilan Sivapatham 2017-2018)

The Sr. Global Health Liaison has four main responsibilities: 1) chairing Health Everywhere, 2) chairing the Global Health Conference (GHC) planning committee (along with the LEO Sr.), 3) liaising between the CFMS, the CoM Global Health Committee, and the SMSS, and 4) co chairing the SMSS Committee on Global Health.

Health Everywhere (HE) is the main tool by which the GHL can operate within the college. Through HE, the GHL can put on educational events, workshops, provide opportunities for student involvement, and spread awareness of global health related causes/events. Within HE is the Newcomers Pamphlet Project (NPP), which the GHLs help keep functional and up to date. The GHC planning committee starts meeting after the previous year’s conference is complete, and runs until the subsequent conference in October of the following year. The CFMS Global Health Program has monthly teleconferencing meetings, as well as two bi-annual meetings which the GHL’s attend. The CoM Global Health Committee meets about 2-3 times per semester, giving the students perspective in Global health at the College level. Finally, the SMSS Committee on Global health allows for collaboration amongst various global health student leaders in the College. The GHL Jr. functions on all the same committees in similar capacity as the Sr., but does not chair the SMSS CGH or the GHC Planning Committee.

3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1.  Gaining experience in communicating to many different bodies within global health, and getting presented many opportunities for global health involvement on a local level. 1. Time management: involved in at least 5 different committees, plus time to send all the emails for communicating to different parties. Time management is a key.
2. Get to be as involved as you want in national CFMS opportunities and get to attend the bi-annual CFMS general meetings. 2. Global Health Conference will go into the beginning of Clerkship, which may be an added stressor.
3.  Gaining knowledge within the global health field. 3. Chairing multiple committees can be challenging at times, as you lead the discussion and the direction of the Committee.

Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Gabilan Sivapatham 2
Conley Kriegler 1