Global Health Conference: Sustainability in Global Health – Sustain the Gains

Our 5th Annual Global Health Conference, Sustain the Gains: Sustainability and Global Health, is coming October 1st, 2016!

The Global Health Conference is dedicated to raising awareness about pressing global health issues. This will be a forum to discuss and analyze practices and policies that move us towards sustainability and health equity. This one-day conference is an opportunity for researchers, students, educators and community members involved and interested in global health to network and discuss exciting research, programs, and projects in the field. We hope to inspire participants to work collaboratively toward sustainability in global health, locally and globally.

The conference will be held on the University of Saskatchewan Campus in the Edwards School of Business. This year’s topic will be focused around sustainability in global health initiatives, research, and projects in light of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) set by the United Nations in 2015. Topics and themes that fall under SDGs include sustainability in poverty reduction, food security, healthcare initiatives and delivery, gender equity, sustainable management of water, energy, the environment, climate change, peace and access to justice, and sustainability in global partnerships and development. We welcome proposals on any of these and other related issues. GHC 2016 is a place to share your research and practice in the field of Global health with your community and colleagues from different disciplines.

Registration is open now! 25$ at