Fundraising Rep

SMSS Position:  Fundraising representative

Appointed or Elected:  Elected (2 years)

Main responsibilities/description (filled out by Anastasia Zello (2014-2016))

  • In this position you are in charge of planning LARGE EVENTS such as…
    • Miles for Smiles (annual fundraising walk/run)
    • Adopt-a-Family (650 CKOM’s Christmas charity program)
    • TBA à potential for Alumni/Sponsor/Student Gala
  • You also help other SMSS fundraising initiatives such as…
    • Regina Curling Tournament
    • 1st year Date Auction
  • Sponsorship Committee
    • Ensure Sponsorship Policy is being followed; recruit sponsors for various SMSS fundraising events


3 benefits of the Position 3 challenges of the position
1.  Very rewarding – a great way to give back to the community and local charities 1.  Finding volunteers for events (people always pull through last minute though…)
2.  You get to make good connections with people in the community – good networking opportunities 2.  Sometimes you’re very busy planning events, other times you’re not – so time-management is crucial!
3. Provides opportunity to enhance communication, leadership, and organizational skills 3. At times, it can be challenging to get students to participate and donate money (even if it is for a great cause)


Contact information

Name Email Address Year in Position
Anastasia Zello 2014-2016
Caitlin Yeager 2015-2017