Sponsorship Request

In order to avoid sponsorship burnout and the same sponsors being repeatedly asked for sponsorship funds by students, the SMSS fundraising representatives will be overseeing all sponsorship requests. Please fill out and submit the attached form BEFORE contacting sponsors. You will then be notified whether you are given permission to request sponsorship from the listed sponsors. You will still be responsible for contacting the sponsors yourself (AFTER you are given permission). If you are unsure of what sponsors to request funding from or do not have their contact information, please contact the fundraising reps at smss.fundraisingrep@gmail.com. Thank you for your cooperation!


  1. determine what sponsors you wish to contact
  2. fill out Sponsorship Request Form
  3. submit Sponsorship Request Form here
  4. wait for response from Fundraising Reps
  5. when given the go ahead, you may contact sponsors
  6. update the Fundraising Reps on whether or not the sponsors agreed to sponsor and what amount they gave you


Click on this link to access the Sponsorship Request Form: smss-sponsorship-request-form