Funding, Expense Claims, Travel Grants and more!


On this page  you will find information about different funding opportunity within the SMSS and the College of Medicine. Also here, you will find updates on when funding cycles open, when applications for travel applications open and close, and how to access alternative funding.

The SMSS provides funding in a few different ways:

A) Travel Grants  – the SMSS will sponsor students to attend conferences workshops and other learning opportunities. For more information click here

B) Student Initiative Grants – the SMSS seeks to support students who want to plan a new conference, activity of event that will benefit the learning, healthy and wellbeing of the student body. For more information click here

C) Student Groups – The SMSS has over 25 student interest groups that host events and skills nights throughout the year. For more information on student groups click here

Funding Deadlines

The SMSS has two funding cycles: Fall (October) and Spring (April)

Student Group Applications (new and returning) can ONLY be submitted for the Fall Funding Cycle. Deadline for Fall funding cycle is October 15th.

Travel Grant and Student Initiative Grants can be submitted for either the Fall Deadline (October 15th) or the Spring Deadline (April 15th).

  • Events taking place between October 1 and May 31 need to be applied for by the October 15th
  • Events taking place between April 1st and November 31st need to be applied for by the April 15th
  • Event occurring in the months of October, November, April and May can be applied for in either of the 2 funding cycles (but not both).
  • NOTE: An application can be submitted for an event that has occurred less than 2 weeks before the application deadline

Any further questions can be directed to the SMSS VP Finance at


Alternative Funding

$500 UGME Travel Award (available to students once in their four-year program who are presenting at a conference):

Please visit the following link for more information: