SMSS/ CoM Fall Formal October 2015

Fall Formal is an annual formal event hosted in collaboration between the SMSS and the College of Medicine.

SMSS Awards Winners for Fall Formal 2014/2015 – Held on October 2nd, 2015:

1) Spirit of the College – Jillian Kerry

2) Honorary SMSS President – Sara Dzaman

3) Global Health Service and Development Award – Jesse May

4) Community Health Service and Development Award – Reed Gillanders

5) Student Wellness Initiative Award – Galilee Thompson

6) MVP Regina – Matthew Butz

7) Student Group of the Year – Ultrasound Club

8) Student Participation Award – Nolan Rau

9) Spirit of the Class (Year One) – Larissa Padayachee

10) Spirit of the Class (Phase B) – Matthew Butz

11) Spirit of the Class (Phase C) – Kristin Black

12) Pre-Clinical Teacher of the Year – Dr. Kelsey Brose

Congratulations to all the winners. For descriptions about each of the awards, please see the Downloads section of the SMSS website.

Large Groups-12

Large Groups-6

FF (34 of 59)

FF (33 of 59)

FF (20 of 59)

Large Groups-1