SMSS Spring Elections Info

SMSS Spring Elections are quickly approaching! 

Important upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday, February 3rd: SMSS Bear Pit and Intro to Spring Elections, call for nominations will be sent out via class reps
  • Friday, February 5th: Spring Elections Q/A
  • Spring Election speeches will be held over the noon hour on Feb. 24th & 25th, and March 17th & 18th. Speeches will also be video recorded and distributed.
  • Please the following for a full list of important dates: Spring Elections Timeline 2016

What positions are elected in the SMSS Spring Elections?

  • Round A: President, VP Regina, VP Internal, VP Academic, VP Regina
  • Round B: Regina Social Rep, Saskatoon Social Rep, Student Services Rep, Regina-Saskatoon Liaison, Treasurer, Student Groups Coordinator