Earth Month – Reusable Cup Challenge!

Health Everywhere – your Global Health student group – is proud to announce EARTH MONTH with a challenge: for the month of April, we challenge YOU to reduce your eco-footprint! I know you’re asking: “how can I make a difference?” .. but Health Everywhere has an answer for you: the REUSABLE CUP CHALLENGE.
If you can go the month of April without using a disposable cup, your name will be entered in a draw for some fabulous prizes. We will also hold mini-draws throughout the month for other prizes. This information will be self-reported (we’re all adults). There will also be opportunities to earn extra draw tickets by using off-sets to reduce your footprint (for example: eating vegetarian for a week). Message/find a HE rep to check your offsets!
At HE, we realize that nobody is perfect (not even Taylor Davis). In the rush of an exam or the hustle-n-bustle of their day.. people forget their Contigos. This is why will we be having a 3 strike policy. If you mess up and really need that double-double, you can stay-in the contest by documenting an eco-offset up to 3 times.
Stay tuned for green facts and a environmentally focused lunch time talk and remember that “the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”.

Stay green and sign-up here to participate: