Dean’s CFMS Travel Award Winners

Congratulations to the following recipients of the Dean’s CFMS Travel Award:


  • Yifan Han – Yifan is a 1st-year student currently serving on the Saskatoon Wellness Taskforce and the Psychiatry Interest Group executive. By attending the SGM, Yifan hopes to learn about wellness initiatives and challenges that exist across Canada, and implement them at the University of Saskatchewan in the future. This is his first time attending a CFMS General Meeting.
  • Brooke Hoffman – Brooke is a 2nd-year student who is a member of the SMSS as the Senior SMA Representative. In this role, she represents Saskatchewan medical students at meetings of the Specialist Recruitment & Retention committee and the Committee on Rural & Regional Practice, as well as at the SMA Representative Assemblies. She is looking forward to learning more about student advocacy at SGM this year and how she can become a more effective leader at a more local level.


  • Helen Tang – Helen is a 1st-year medical student who has been involved in community leadership positions for the last few years at SWITCH and the Mindful Living group at the College of Medicine. At the CFMS AGM, Helen wants to learn more about Global Health initiatives, healthcare policy, and student advocacy on a national level. This is her first time attending a CFMS General Meeting.
  • Adrianna Gunton – Adrianna is a 2nd-year medical student who is heavily involved with the SMSS. She was the Research Representative position for the 2016-2017 academic term and is now VP Academic for the 2017-2018 school year. At the CFMS AGM, Adrianna is hoping to learn about health policy, research and curricular differences between the the U of S and other medical schools, and how to be an excellent leader within the College of Medicine. This is her first time attending a CFMS General Meeting.


  • Megan McDonald – Megan is a 2nd year medical student who has shown great leadership in her role as the Saskatoon social representative, as well as through her involvement in various events such as the Health Innovation and Public Policy (HIPP) Conference, 2017, and the SMSS Cuts for Cancer/Headshave.
  • Evan Mah – Evan is a 1st year medical student whose leadership skills have shone through his role as the CFMS Website liaison in the communications committee. He also helps his fellow students and the college at a more local level.


  • Sunny Lee – Sunny is a 2nd year medical student who has shown excellence in leadership through her role as the Global Health Advocate Jr. She also has an executive role on the Health Everywhere student interest group, and sits on the SMSS Global Health Committee. She will be continuing in these roles this coming year.
  • Christopher Durr – Chris is a 3rd year medical student who has shown leadership and dedication to the student body through his role as president of the Anesthesia Interest Group. He also helps his classmates at a more local level.