Dean's CFMS Travel Application

This travel award provides funding for 2 students to attend the CFMS AGM and 2 to attend the CFMS SGM. This year the AGM will be in Edmonton, AB on September 23-24 and the SGM will be in on April 28-29 in Winnipeg, MB.

Application: Dean’s CFMS Travel Award

For winners of previous award cycles, click here.

Questions regarding the application or funding process and completed applications should be directed to the VP External:

  • Administrata
    • Each year there will be 4 travel awards distributed, two awards for two students to attend CFMS AGM, and two awards for two students to attend CFMS SGM.
    • The amount awarded will be adjusted based on location of the general meeting, up to $1,500 each.
    • Students must apply individually for the travel award.
    • Each student is required to submit 2 applications: one copy complete with all information, and one copy with ALL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION REMOVED.
    • Application deadlines: August 26 2016, February 26 2017
      • Applications for CFMS AGM in Edmonton, AB, September 23-24, should be received by the August 26 deadline.
      • Applications for CFMS SGM in Winnipeg, MB, April 28-29, should be received by the February 26 deadline.
    • Students will be notified of funding results within 2 weeks of the application deadline.
    • DO NOT alter this form in any way. Failure to comply with this point will disqualify your application. This form is to be submitted as a Word document.
    • Students are encouraged to apply early.
    • The award will be issued as a cheque or money transfer upon presentation of receipts after the event.
    • Students are eligible to receive this travel award from the SMSS only once.