Budget Amendments for 2016-2017

ATTN: All students that get money from the SMSS (almost all of you)

As you may or may not know the SMSS is primarily funded by the College of Medicine. Each year the SMSS executive approaches the Dean and his financial staff with as “ASK” of how much money we need to fund our activities for the year. Our SMSS budget is set on a yearly basis – meaning that once the budget is set, no changes can be made until the next fiscal year. The SMSS fiscal year is September 1 –August 31.

In May SMSS Executive members will go through every line of the budget to determine how much money was budgeted for each event/line, how much was used, and if more funds are required for the next year.

We are asking all students who access money via the budget (the SMSS budget can be found on the SMSS website under Downloads) to go through their budget lines and determine is they are happy or not with their budget. If you would like to request a change to the amount in your budget line – need more money or less money- we are going to ask you to fill out a Budget amendment form (found on SMSS website) and submit it by SMSS SGM (April 28, 2016).

***Please note – not all budget amendments and changes will be accepted, however all requests will be discussed. ***

Thank you for your participation and your involvement in promoting financial success of the SMSS.



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