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The SMSS is the representative body for all students in the College of Medicine. Representatives from the SMSS act as liaisons between the College of Medicine faculty and administration, the USSU, University Council, the Health Sciences Students Association (HSSA), the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), and the Saskatchewan and Canadian Medical Associations.


The SMSS events and services include: Miles for Smiles annual fundraising walk/run for the Children’s Health and Hospital Foundation; Fall Welcome Banquet; various socials; sporting events such as IceBowl (a hockey tournament between Western Canadian medical schools); participation in Medicomania – a variety night hosted by the HSSA for charity.

For more information about events hosted by the SMSS please see the “SMSS Events” tab on our website.

For information about the different positions please see the position description in the SMSS constitution and the SMSS Position Info Page!


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