Global Health Focused PREP Experience Informational Session

**Important Information for anyone doing PREP!!

Hello everyone,

We have a new opportunity for students to get involved with this summer: a Global Health Focused PREP experience!

In short, this experience would be a one month externship (just like PREP) in the month of July, 2016 in La Ronge, Saskatchewan for two second year medical students to participate in. This program will be clinically focused with specific objectives relating global health topics, such as: Addiction Medicine, First Nations health in a rural and remote setting, Infectious Disease, and General Rural Family Medicine.

This is a unique opportunity as we are also partnering with U of Calgary medical students in this Global Health PREP Experience! Something which has yet to be done in Canada.

This is hard to explain over a message, so I am hosting an informational session this Friday, March 4th in A226, at 12:30pm.

What: Global Health Focused PREP experience

When: July – 2016

Who can apply: Anyone who has already submitted an application form into PREP can apply to this program. Anyone who has not submitted an application form to PREP can also apply. If you already applied to PREP and want to apply for this experience as well, all you need to do is send in the application form for this program, and if you are not selected, then your application for your original PREP placement is still fine.

How to apply: Please see the application attached.Global Health PREP La Ronge Elective Student Application

Please RSVP for the information session on the SMSS website.